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  • Edwin on 2013-Apr-09 05:11:02 Edwin said

    Hi, I'm visiting Columbus for a culope days for work. Planning to get away from my colleagues and check out the local dining scene. Have no clue other than Kihachi [via Bourdain ]of what to eatv I'll probably hit them up for some sushi. Do you have any recommendations that are quintessential Ohio / Regional local eats? Thanks in advance.
  • Cordy on 2016-Dec-20 21:22:34 Cordy said

    April -- great question and some moms and I were just diusnscisg it at the pool yesterday. I don't think adults really expect to hear "ma'am" or "sir", but do consider it extremely good manners if you do (some other regions consider it offensive -- as if you are calling the person old). More than anything, I think adults want to be responded to properly: "yes" and "no", instead of "yah" and "nah" or "nope" (some mom yesterday really couldn't stand "nope"!!) Welcome to Texas!!
  • Audel on 2016-Dec-30 10:19:22 Audel said

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