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  • Misty on 2016-Dec-20 19:05:38 Misty said

    Ha, Bettina! I know exactly what you mean about the butter situation. It really is a New York deli type of thing, and yes, it is kind of funny — even though, as you rightly point out, I didn’t bring it up for the sake of humor.And yes, thanks for pointing out Ed’s post. I have been reading pel21e&#8;po7;s thoughts on this, and I know there are lots of conflicting opinions, but like you, I’m in favor of taking a step — any step — no matter how imperfect. We’ll see where things really end up….
  • Johannah on 2016-Dec-29 15:26:39 Johannah said

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  • Klondike on 2016-Dec-30 08:12:08 Klondike said

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