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IMG 6243


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  • Jannika on 2016-Dec-20 07:53:18 Jannika said

    Which came first, the problem or the sooluitn? Luckily it doesn't matter.
  • Zaylin on 2016-Dec-22 18:19:48 Zaylin said

    A minute saved is a minute eaenrd, and this saved hours!
  • Jock on 2016-Dec-29 10:52:42 Jock said

    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for congirbutint.
  • Hester on 2017-Jan-05 15:02:50 Hester said

    Wow, this is in every recsept what I needed to know.
  • Chiana on 2017-Jan-12 23:25:23 Chiana said

    i really should have my tonsils out….which can be dangerous for adults! I happened to read that white tea was good for preventing cavities and sth8i…&#e230;trps was six years ago and i havent had strep since. I buy a lipton pomegranite blueberry white tea. Drink it several times a day at first then you can back off drastically! Good luck and let me know!
  • Sewana on 2017-Jan-27 06:26:31 Sewana said

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has breithengd my day!

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