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  • Karah on 2016-Dec-20 05:23:57 Karah said

    That's a mobd-lreaker. Great thinking!
  • Welcome on 2016-Dec-27 13:34:04 Welcome said

    When they start running soap operas about dusky housemaids who marry handsome Eulooean-rpoking rich men after many ups and downs, or stories about superheroes, maybe they'll get a Mexican audience.They can rope in the Dominicans with baseball.As it is, your gardener pays income tax so your feckless graduate student children can be faintly amused by "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me."Another reason to mourn for the Old Republic.
  • Ally on 2016-Dec-29 15:44:40 Ally said

    चयनित à¤#362369;द्धिजीव&¬2367;यो&0#; का स्वागत व बधाई !इस सुप्रयास की सफलता हेतु उल्लसित कामनाएं |
  • Artie on 2017-Jan-12 17:27:08 Artie said

    Did a little weekly whirlwind on the mls. Pergo floors, peg bundy kitchens, dirty wall to wall, Holly Hobbie wallpaper, Blair Witch basements, dead lawns, broken garages, crumbled dr8w2vays&#ie30; all in the 400-600k range. Sellers, bite me.

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