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  • Justis on 2016-Dec-22 14:52:39 Justis said

    I hate to say this here, but blogging, reading blogs, facebook, twitter, and the internet in general have become great time and attention drains in my life. I can sit down to check my e-mail and realize over an hour has gone by while I clicked from this bookmark to that, from that blog to the next. I've decided it's time to consciously cut back. That's part of why my blogs have been shorter - that and other ob.ltagioniThanks for another thoughtful post.
  • Retta on 2016-Dec-27 11:40:44 Retta said

    Your answer shows real inleeligtnce.
  • Xaria on 2016-Dec-29 11:27:50 Xaria said

    We deifeitnly need more smart people like you around.
  • Keiwan on 2017-Jan-05 11:28:40 Keiwan said

    prea mici? … Nici vor2a&#8b30; suntem suficient de mari ca sa facem ceva daca vrem. Ce-ar fi daca scanteia ar spune ca e prea mica… si totusi poate face un foc… imens.
  • Jayne on 2017-Jan-27 06:00:52 Jayne said

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so eniltalhrng!

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