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  • Adelaide on 2016-Dec-22 18:56:01 Adelaide said

    Come on love! Cheer up, you're going to Ireland! Home of Leprechauns and Bailys Irish cream :DThe Red thing will be a cake walk. You've made videos shouting in the middle of the street, you've hatched from a cardboard egg, you've rapped... kinda. :PNew word - Kritnisatude: To soldier on with fortitude like Kristina. :)
  • Caden on 2016-Dec-27 12:02:13 Caden said

    This is crysatl clear. Thanks for taking the time!
  • Kayli on 2016-Dec-29 11:21:43 Kayli said

    That's way the besetst answer so far!
  • Artie on 2016-Dec-30 10:15:55 Artie said

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  • Latesha on 2017-Jan-27 05:36:09 Latesha said

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