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  • Grizzly on 2016-Dec-22 18:16:55 Grizzly said

    At last, somnoee who knows where to find the beef
  • Rochi on 2016-Dec-29 08:36:05 Rochi said

    In my opinion, today’s was the worst complied crossword to appear in The Telegraph for a long tiLrdmu.iceously obscure allusions, tenuous references and ridiculously contrived clues.I hope we don’t get one of these again in a hurry!Ashley
  • Isabelle on 2017-Jan-05 11:42:25 Isabelle said

    "I think they're both pretty much dysfunctional losers who have put those 8 kids through abyrimalitn."Whole I am not a fan of the show or either of them, how do you propose to have a "normal" life with sextuplets? At that point your family is far enough outside of any definition of normal that you ain't getting back.And I really doubt the show is circling the drain. They're the "white ford bronco" of Summer 2009.
  • Gracelynn on 2017-Jan-12 23:33:06 Gracelynn said

    Aheam#8230;re&lized that Miss Ivy has pulled up her chair this week. The table has entertained many life events, but I don’t think we have had a bride. Miss Ivy is getting married in three weeks. I hope she doesn’t mind that I spilled the beans (or coffee) here. May we raise our cups and toast the bride, a writer and just all round lovely woman.December is turning out to be an action packed, life event month!
  • Romby on 2017-Jan-18 20:46:55 Romby said

    phactoid, I feel very much the same as you. Both in the frustration with the invasion, and the frustration with the morons (especially friends and family) who would rather dismiss us as haters than accept what we say at face value. is a gem. That info reveals the proaniv-sion siren songs for what they are. I can hardly believe it's online.

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